Theta Sessions – Energy Coaching

Coral Explains:

A passion for assisting others in their life journey has led me to study Integrative Coaching and Theta Healing (sub-conscious programming) to co-facilitate shifts in peoples’ lives.

We often observe patterns that are present and exist in our reality due to a subconscious loop. For example: attracting the same type of person, unfulfilling work opportunities, continuous self-worth talk or yo-yo dieting without success.

If we wish we may explore these re-occurrences, the belief systems that keep them alive and their origins in order reset our programming.

In a Theta Session we dive deep within your subconscious – the place from which you create your waking reality – in order to explore hidden belief systems. A session involves identifying and speaking into your story of a resistance area or block that you are ready to shift – followed by muscle testing for belief systems. A theta session, offers practical insights into your life story and offers an opportunity to re-frame our programs.

These are guidance sessions that give much revelation and empowerment to the client with tools offered there- after to facilitate change. It is recommended to experience 3 sessions for best results to integrate the work. 

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